Shikomizue concealed sword disguised as walking stick t


The shikomizue ("prepared cane") is a Japanese concealed sword disguised as a cane or walking stick, similar to the swordstick.

Shikomizue. The shikomizue ("prepared cane") is a Japanese concealed sword disguised as a cane ...

2 in 1 Shirasaya

Mushashi Black Shirasaya

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Dragon King - Taiji Sword Cane with Damascus Sword Blade and Hidden Knife

Different Types of Swords

Antique Walking Stick Sword Pictures

What is the Shirasaya?

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Damascus Steel Sword Cane

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Shikomizue (Ant) The shikomizue ("prepared cane") is a Japanese concealed

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The above image is a cane made by Briggs of London in the 19th century. It conceals not only a sharp dagger, but also a 4-cylinder pepperbox revolver that ...

The "Shikomizue" was a Japanese sword mounted on a wooden or bamboo handle with a wooden or bamboo scabbard to match so the sword was disguised as a walking ...

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There is a straight 28 ¼ inch, functional sharpened samurai katana blade contained in this natural hardwood walking stick.

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Eagle Head Walking Cane Sword 34.5" Overall Includes Hidden Blade $29.95

Shirasaya VS Shikomizue


Most of the swords were using a Koshirae mounting which included a handguard (Tsuba), fittings, Ito wrap and rayskin Samegawa, each had its own importance ...

Directly modeled after the first walking cane carried by the main character on the popular tv show, a sleek inch blade hidden in this sword cane is ...

The Japanese had the Shikomizue and the Romans had the Dolon, both of which concealed swords within a hollow walking stick. In the 18th and 19th centuries, ...

Mahogany & Ebony Walking Cane

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Secrets Of Ninja Swords – Favorite Weapon of The Shinobi

Two-handed sword, Italy, circa 1623.

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After you have been training for a while in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu you will inevitably end up studying Kenjutsu 剣術 (Japanese Swordsmanship) from one of ...

Red Action Twin Swords

Antique Walking Stick Cane Silver Pommel Dated 1910

Superb Japanese swordstick cane / walking stick with a lovely walnut wood crook handle and shaft

Secrets Of Ninja Swords – Favorite Weapon of The Shinobi

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Shikomizue has appeared many times in Manga and anime. It has appeared a few times in the anime and manga series Rurouni Kenshin.

... depending on the blade itself.

The shikomizue (仕込み杖 "sword cane") is a Japanese concealed sword disguised as a cane or walking stick, similar to the swordstick.

These weapons continued to be used in the 20th century. One example of a combination brass knuckles and pistol, called the Le Poilu, was manufactured by the ...

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Battle scene from the Morgan Bible of Louis IX showing 13th-century swords

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The shikomizue (仕込み杖 "sword cane") is a Japanese concealed sword disguised as a cane or walking stick, similar to the swordstick.

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Saga Weapons Pt.13 by cpi ...

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As an alchemical symbol, the sword is a symbol of purification. Here we experience the metaphorical sword cleanly piercing the spiritual soul of man.

Practicing with a bunch of good-quality throwing knives is definitely a good way to pass your leisure time. However, in order to make the best out of your ...

The next two examples are the sort of weapons that were designed along the principle of Swiss army knives. Both are dated to the 1860s and are both made by ...

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Chinese dao and scabbard of the 17th–18th century

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Cane gun

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The shikomizue also known as the cane sword was used by the ninja. It could be used to be disguised as a cane which no one will notice which is perfect for ...

Silver Repousse Handled Sword Stick. Late 19th century ebonised sword stick with elegant handle and

Japanese Arisaka – Japanese Rifles of World War II

18th century Royal Navy decorated barrel

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Cane Masters American Hardwood Samurai Sword Cane

Serpent Skull Twin Swords

Japanese short sword: Subtle but lethal

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The Kampilan is a single-handed, single edge sword type used by indigenous groups in the Philippines archipelagos. One distinctive feature is the blade ...


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Bushido Musashi - Black Shirasaya Sword Full Tang (SS657-405BK)

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One of fifty lots of antique walking sticks, canes and sword sticks in our November

However, some antique Shirasaya had the presence of texts that characterize the type of blade kept within the saya where evident.

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Ninjas were using their own kind of swords. Unlike longer and more curved samurai swords, ninja swords were straight and relatively short.

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The most likely reason for this sword often being mistaken for a historical Japanese Nihonto is it repeatedly featuring in Ninja movies and 80's popular ...

Hallstatt swords


A Sailors Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Tooth Whale Bone and Baleen Walking Cane Carved .

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Bassmen. Walking Sticks ...

Omae mo kanjite no ka... kaze no koe?

The akrafena is an Ashanti (modern-day city state in Ghana and significant ethnic group) sword originally used in warfare but still important today for ...

The wakizashi like the shikomizue, could be used to disguise as a cane, but not as good as a disguise as the shikomizue.

Indian made battle axe. Click images to enlarge